Discovering a niche that has been overlooked by other coffee companies, we recognised the need for a new player to enter and revolutionise coffee within the corporate world. Beanify specialises in supplying speciality coffee to businesses in the UK and we aim to be the #1 recognised brand in this sector.

100% of the people we recently surveyed believe that having good quality of coffee available at work can have a positive impact on employee happiness. 57% believe that the quality of a coffee given to a potential customer in a sales meeting could have an impact on their decision whether to buy from them or not.

Our speciality coffee is freshly-roasted to order and shipped directly from the roastery to you. It arrives in boxes of 50 sachets, each containing pre-ground beans precisely measured to make a perfect filter brew. We can also get you setup with easy-to-use brewing equipment designed to make preparing great tasting coffee quick and simple. To add to your coffee experience, we will send you Beanify signs to place on show wherever the coffee is served, such as in a meeting room, to provide you with tasting notes and background information about your coffee. We also change the coffee to a new blend every quarter to keep your coffee experience new and interesting.

The speciality coffee culture is continuing to grow in the UK and coffee drinkers have an increasing knowledge of what good coffee is, how it should be brewed and what it should taste like. Even though consumption in 2015 was 1.7kg per capita which is still relatively low compared to other European countries, sales of coffee in the UK are expected to increase 100% by 2020.

If you’d like to keep up with this trend then signup Beanify as your coffee supplier and begin placing your coffee orders straight away via email or phone.