We get all sorts of questions from our customers. Here are some we’ve had in the past…

We will freshly roast your coffee during the first week of the month, let it settle, and send out to you during the second week of every month. Be sure to subscribe before the last day of the month to get your coffee with the next soonest roast. Otherwise, its ok, you’ll just have to wait a little longer until the next months fresh roast for your subscription to start!

Delivery is free with every coffee subscription. If you're buying individual bags of coffee the delivery cost will vary depending on how many bags you order and of what size. To get the latest and accurate delivery cost for bags of coffee it is best to add them to the basket and go to the checkout where you will see the cost. Coffee equipment and accessories have a flat rate of £9.50 no matter how many items you order.

Great! You can place your order as usual via our website and you will be given the option to apply your discount code in the checkout.

You can renew your subscription easily via our website if you received your coffee as a gift...just login, and add your payment details. If you signed up monthly, or 3, 6, or 12 months upfront. Your subscription will automatically renew assuming your payment details are correct and the payment gets processed successfully when each renewal is due.

You can, yes! We have a specific area on our website where you can buy individual bags of coffee in 250g, 500g or 1kg bags (please note that shipping costs will apply).

We’re really really sorry if you didn’t receive your coffee this month. Your order is always shipped out with royal mail. As a first port of call, please contact your local royal mail sorting office to see if they have held on to your delivery for some reason (our packages are designed to fit through a standard letterbox). If you still have no luck, please contact us.

We're really sorry you didn’t receive the coffee accessories you ordered. Accessories are always shipped out using our trusted courier apc. All accessory packages must be signed for at point of delivery. If you do have any issues, please contact us.

Yes you can cancel at any time. Just login to your account and choose the option to cancel your subscription. It is worth noting that your subscription will remain active until the next payment would have been due, at which point your subscription will be classed as cancelled. For example, if you pay every 3 months and cancel after the 1st month, you will have a further 2 months before of coffee before your subscription will cancel as you have already paid upfront for that period. 

That’s great. If you have an active cafeclub membership (remember that memberships are usually for 12 months) then please contact us with your name and address here. We will confirm your membership with caffeshop and send you your 10% discount code!

Anywhere in the mainland uk. If you live somewhere off the beaten path please let us know before you place your order so we can check in advance that we can deliver.

Our packages are designed to fit through a standard sized letter box and our packages measure w:21cm x l:27cm x d:4cm.

If you have changed your name or address just login and update it in your account settings by the last day of the month in order to change your details in time for the next coffee.

Yes of course! Perhaps you have just bought a shiny new grinder and would now like to receive whole-beans instead? Just login to your account and change your grind option before our roasting week at the start of the month.